Building Positive Coping Skills

Building Positive Coping Skills

We develop our coping skills over the years as a method to get our needs met starting in childhood. Some of these coping skills have become unproductive in our adult lives. In this workbook we discuss how we can empathize with our own unproductive coping skills while shifting to ones that might be more conducive to meeting our current needs.

In my free Ignite Your Power book 1, Harnessing the Power of Your Intensity, we talked about how to build your own toolkit to get in your power zone, which helps you to get in a positive emotional and mental state so that you can step back and gain clarity and connection and give yourself empathy.

In book 5, Building Positive Coping Skills, we explore existing coping skills we’ve developed and examine how we can shift to more productive ways to support our needs.


  • Identify our unproductive coping strategies.

  • Explore positive coping strategies.

  • Work on shifting our thinking.

Details: 22 page PDF

Praise for the Ignite Your Power Series!

Sarah, “I just finished reading Workbook 2 and am super excited to use the exercises with my boyfriend as we navigate moving to a new country together! Lots of excitement, lots of intensity, and plenty of superpowers!! Thank you for creating such a GREAT workbook, Aurora! I also just really like workbooks and yours are potent, well written, concise, and actually easy to WORK WITH. So, keep doing what you do!”

Anne-Louise, “I’ve read the second workbook and I found it to be very well organized and well written. It flowed beautifully (in my opinion). You did an excellent job of defining terms and concepts, making those concepts accessible and understandable, and then structuring them in actionable ways. I could also relate to the material on a personal level and felt that what is contained there is hugely beneficial to your audience/those you are seeking to help.”

Gina, “Thank you for letting me read this! There is a good amount of helpful information and activities for someone to work through this topic. I appreciated the flow and balance between reading and doing.”

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