Decolonizing Neurodivergence w/ Dr. Kimberly Douglass

Decolonizing Neurodivergence w/ Dr. Kimberly Douglass

Decolonizing Neurodivergence: from Violence to Love

Do you ever wonder why we get into loops on social media platforms when we talk about neurodivergence? We have convinced ourselves this conversation is just about validating each other and understanding the traits of various conditions. The very definition of what it means to be neurodivergent is rooted in colonialist thinking and behavior.
It’s clear to me: we don’t want to talk about the hard changes we have to make to ourselves, to our self-image; the hard changes we should demand from our society.

We keep the conversation at the level of defining a problem; defining ourselves as the problem. We are willing to be the problem as long as we don’t have to challenge ourselves, other people, our families, our employers, our communities, our worlds.

You are not a problem!!! Write this down: YOU ARE THE WAY!!!

But, you know we talk about neurodivergence in ways that allow the powerful to hold on to their power. We are more comfortable with this than risking being disliked, having things taken from us or feeling powerful inside our own skin. Even the word power makes us uncomfortable. These are the ways we have been taught. This is colonization.Regardless of what you have been taught, YOU are the way to transformation for yourself and for others. You already know you need guidance on how to think about neurodivergence. You already know you need help seeing yourself just as you are.

YOU are the way to this new understanding…. for yourself, for your team, for your community.

Let’s discuss here on my weekly blog:

About Kimberly:

Dr Kimberly Douglass is the full-time owner of Kimberly Douglass, PhD, LLC. Dr Douglass and her team are designing a world in which neurodivergent people feel they belong. The team fuses disability advocacy with design thinking. Douglass’ team designs digital and paper content, such as courses, ebooks, journals, workbooks and the Neurodivergently Thinking cards. Also, the team offers premium 1 to 1 coaching services.
Dr Douglass’ signature product is her Decolonizing Neurodivergence course.
Dr Douglass and her team design tools that validate the neurodivergent experience. The team’s content and services challenge everyday processes that marginalize and shame neurodivergent people. Dr Douglass became a full-time business owner after working as staff, peer-reviewed researcher, faculty and administrator in higher education for over 17 years. She began the advocacy work over 12 years ago, when she became the chief advocate for her Son who is neurodivergent. She has since gotten more in touch with her own neurodivergence. Dr Douglass is married to Dean Tate and lives in Tennessee.

Upcoming Calls:

Sept 17 – Matt Zakreski – Self-Advocacy

Oct 15 – Nadja Careghetti – Tidying up Your Brain (Marie Kondo Style)

Nov 19 – Julia Wild – Why Sensitives Need an Ego

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