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Cambridge, UK and international

I help people who’s brains work differently to understand and use their strengths. ​

For over ten years I’ve worked in roles from high tech to teaching. My gift is understanding people, what they want, what they are truly capable of and where they are holding themselves back. My passion is working with people to help them grow and realize their ambitions. Today I’d like to help you.

​My coaching helps you progress at work while having more energy to enjoy yourself. It’s an investment in your future self.

I work with adults who have


You might be tired of constantly working so hard to compensate for your differences. You are ready to
– stop worrying about losing your job
– have the energy to enjoy your family and leisure after work is over
– see your ideas become reality so they can have an impact in the world
– confidently take on larger projects to progress at work
– strengthen your relationships
– find easy strategies that actually work
– educate neurotypical people in your lives to better help you
– enjoy making full use of your unique gifts instead of trying to blend in and act ‘normal’
– work on a passion project that you secretly wish could pay the bills
– or you already own your own business and want to take it to the next level

let go of the need to be like everybody else and enjoying being the wonderful person you were made to be.

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