GTN Awareness Week

GTN Awareness Week

G/T/N Awareness Week Starts October 25th!

You’re invited to register today for our first Gifted / Talented / Neurodiverse Awareness Week, powered by THE G WORD. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Your free registration gives you access to all webinar links for the programming outlined below – register today, then watch your inbox each morning the week of October 25th for a daily reminder email that outlines the schedule for the day ahead.

MONDAY, 11AM PT / 2PM ET – STATE-OF-THE-STATE: Giftedness Through the Lens of Podcasters & Citizen Journalists

  • Co-presented by NuMinds, Summit Center and Tilt Parenting
  • With panelists/podcasters:
    • Heather Boorman, The Fringy Bit
    • Aurora Remember Holtzman, Embracing Intensity
    • Maria Kennedy, Crucial Conversations
    • Emily Kircher-Morris, The Neurodiversity Podcast
    • Dan Peters, Parent Footprint, Summit Center
    • Debbie Reber, Tilt Parenting
    • Justin Vawter, NuMinds
  • Special guests: Jill Hartsook & Jessica Mullen of Adventures in Being Gifted The conversation continues throughout the week with a special schedule of companion programming hosted by our partner and podcaster, Sophia Elliott of Our Gifted Kids. Guests include representatives from GHF Forum, The G Word, Potential Plus UK and more. Stay close for the full schedule, we’ll post it here soon!

TUESDAY (times tba) – Gifted, Talented, & Neurodiverse Day on the Outschool education platform

  • Co-presented by Outschool and GHF Learners
  • Outschool learners are invited to attend two free workshops to get a better understanding of what it means to be gifted, talented, and/or neurodiverse.

WEDNESDAY, 11AM PT / 2PM ET – DEEP WORK: Gifted Adults, Empowerment, & Resiliency

  • Co-presented by InterGifted, Let’s Talk 2e Conferences, and Gifted Women’s Summit
  • With panelists:
    • River Aaland, Ophelia’s Place
    • Paula Prober,
    • Erin Keeley, Gifted Women’s Summit
    • Jennifer Sallin, InterGifted
    • Paul Sedillo, New Mexico Highlands University
    • Julie Skolnick, With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC
    • Eric Windhorst,
  • Special guest: Nadja Cereghetti, Unleash Monday


  • Co-presented by Gifted and Talented Leaders of Color and Allies
  • With panelists:
    • Joi Lin, Gifted and Talented Leaders of Color and Allies
    • Nereida Garcia-Prado, Santa Ana School District
    • Cecilia Quintanilla, Bryant-Webster Dual Language School
    • Hector Rivera, Research and Development Institute for Gifted Students, Puerto Rico Parents Association for the Gifted
    • Alesandra Rodriguez, Monarch Montessori of Denver
    • Amaya Reyes, Gifted Student, University of Puerto Rico Law School

THURSDAY, 4PM PT / 7PM ET – #GTCHAT On Mental Health, Powered By TAGT

  • Join us on Twitter for a conversation on the intersection of giftedness and mental health, hosted by the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented

THURSDAY, 5PM PT / 8PM ET – WE’RE HERE: LGBTQ+ Experience & Giftedness

  • Co-presented by FlexSchool, Center for Identity Potential, and The Neurodiversity Collective
  • With panelists:
    • Tamara Grady, Osseo School Board Chair (Minnesota)
    • Rebecca Niederlander, Artist / Gifted Research & Outreach
    • Teresa Manzella, Author / LGBTQ+ Gifted Advocate
    • Amber Siler, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    • Marie Kavadias & Teri Hutchison
    • Raul Medina & Taher Lokhandwala
    • Jacqui Byrne, FlexSchool
    • Andrew Mahoney, Center for Identity Potential
    • Matt Zakreski,The Neurodiversity Collective
    • Featuring the voices of queer, trans and non-binary young people: Orion, age16; Tou Matthews, age 21; LeJeune Beautreaux, age 20

FRIDAY, 11AM PT / 2PM ET – GIFTED EDUCATION: Our Legislative Past, Present & Future

  • Co-presented by Grayson School, and SoulSpark Learning
  • With panelists:
    • Kate Bachtel, SoulSpark Learning
    • Sam George, parent/advocate
    • Melissa Bilash, Grayson School
    • Jennifer Nance, Esq, Grayson School
    • David Cutler, NAGC

G/T/N Awareness Week is brought to you by our dedicated community of diverse voices – experts, thought leaders, podcasters, partners and advisors. Register today!


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